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One Sunday 9-21 Larry Mosher hosted the gang on Cape Ann Rail.
Since it was a non-soccer day in my fall schedule I was able to attend.
The best thing about visiting Cape Ann Rail is that it’s constantly changing. It’s like visiting a new railroad every time.

Here Larry surveys his empire – notice the smoke coming out of his ears as he decides what to change/add next.

Here Larry helps Peter Briggs hook up his link and pin coupler to the train.

Here we see how many guys it takes to get a connie on the rails.

Here Paul Hazel checks his train as it runs by. Paul tends to forget to tell the dispatcher when he is fouling the main during switching
It keeps us all on our toes or should I say hands at the radio controls.

Guess which train Paul runs?

It’s always a fun day when we get together and Larry is a great host.
Of course the pleasant banter between friends is always looked forward to.
Now I know it took a week to get this photo story done, so I’ll catch some grief, but if it wasn’t for the rain and the break in coaching, I wouldn’t have had the time to do it.
(Insert Shameless plug here)
My high school soccer team is 8-0 half way through the season.

But here is a photo story of the day if you’re interested:

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Nice shots Scott.
Yes, as always a good time was had by all.

Phew, I am glad I do not work for PDLX.
David told me that each of the crew MUST bring their own lunch AND some lemon fresh Pledge.

Nothing stopping you, but you will have to leave very early to get here on time.

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