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Hi Lownote,


Flextrack is like normal track BUT with some of the webs that can be seen under the rails cut out, these cut-outs are on altenate sides, so you have half the webs that fixed track has.


That will allow the track to be bent by hand, you do not need a rail bender. This is for code 250 track, yes it needs some force to bend it, and then a couple or so of fixing screws to hold it still; for joining sections of it some of the Hillman or such style clamps will keep it in place and at the radius you desire. Naturally curving the track means that the inside rail of the curve is a different length to the outer, and will need to be either cut or accomadated on the adjoing lengths.


Note I said 250 section track, LGB is 332 (I Think) that means it is much stiffer as it is a heavier section with more metal being used  in it. That requires the rail bender to bend it, or you use the pre-bent sections (R1/2/3 etc) .


I use Peco (I live in England) that is 250 section, as is Llagas creek, Peco is nickel silver,  Llagas creek is either nickel silver or aluminium. I join with rail joiners on straights, and bond them with a soldered wire jumper wire; the clamps do not need the jumper wire.


Hope the above helps!
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