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Cabin Fever Logistics

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Everyone attending the Cabin Fever show will need to pay the $10.00 entrance fee at the door. This entitles you to admission to Friday's auction and show admission on Saturday and Sunday. If you register as an exhibitor you receive a plaque and can enter Sunday's door prize drawing.

Track setup will begin on Friday morning. The tracks should be up and running by lunchtime. Since the show has moved to a new building the track location has not been determined yet. But, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the tracks.

We will have plenty of distilled water available. For those who require gas or alcohol we will have limited supplies at cost.  Both of the large tracks will have scheduling boards for allocating ½ hour increments of track time.

We will need to coordinate radio control frequencies with the model boat operators. If you have a radio that could interfere with others ask around for the frequency coordinator when you get there.

Cabin Fever is a model engineering show of which we will be a part. That means that we will be restricted to the auction and show hours and will not be running all night long. The auction usually lasts until 7 or 8 PM on Friday. Saturday’s show close is 5 PM and Sunday’s is 3 PM.

See you there,

Mike Moore
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Posted By Alan in Adirondacks on 01/11/2008 5:53 AM

PS I completly agree with the reefer block idea. I think several rerailers and everything on and off except those reefers needed for others to run --- and even then put them on and off. For easy sorting I'm marking all mine with a silver dot on top of one coupler as well as the usual on the underside.

Well, I won't have any trouble finding mine! ;)

Re the Cab-Forward running.  I'll put in my 2 cents:

I think that two blocks of sbout 15-20 cars a piece should be adequate enough load and should look asthetically pleasing on either the or the big tracks.  Remember, the curves are smaller radii than they are on the IE&W, so there is a load factor there. 

Now, as far as yard space, our portable has the yard branched off, like this:

** There will be an additional yard section increasing the overall trackage of the yard by 16 feet to 64 total feet.  should be able to fit 12 reefers per track now.**

Hopefully this can solve the problem of the public's eye being clouded in viewing the passing trains. 

See you guys there.
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