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Wow, we.ve been busy builders! This thread was buried clear back on page 6! Anyway, as I mentioned in my other plow thread, I also got one to put on this thing. Since I had already gone through the trouble of running an air line to the pilot, I figured I might as well modify this one for a coupler mount. Yes, it sits pretty high, it SHOULD be almost touching the railhead -- except with this much front overhand I figured it would try to catch on every track irregularity, turnout, wing rail, and grade crossing... (I may lower it or add a brass cutting edge later, though-- neither would be very difficult) The thing is a bit on the huge side, and will require more generous clearances than your average bug mauler. possibly even as much as a connie does on the outside of curves... So for now it will continue to be a shelf queen.
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