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Building a 15-ton Class A Climax, continued

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Here’s my first update for 2008. The initial builder’s log can be found in the MLS archives.
As seen in an earlier message (archive page 6), the wheel castings have a large sprue to remove. 

Using my portable bench vice, I had good luck with using a jeweler’s saw and bench grinder to get rid of most of the sprue material.
I cleaned up all 18 wheel castings required by the Locomotive and trailing car before going on to the lathe for final machining.

As I posted earlier I decided to use a simplified process to do the machining, here’s the first step:
  1. I held the wheels by their tread in a 3-jaw chuck and cleaned up the backside surfaces of the wheel where the sprue used to be. The backside’s center hub was faced-off and trued-up to its diameter of .5165”.

More later!
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I would try a smaller gas jet, my experiance is the radiant burners like more air.

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