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They must run on the same stretch of track that the "Newport Dinner Train" does, a former New Haven branch that runs down to Newport from my hometown of Fall River MA. I'd be interested to know how they got them there, as the line on Aquidneck Island (where Newport is located) is now isolated
from the mainland! The swing bridge which connected this line to the mainland was damaged many years ago by an overloaded freight train & subsequently condemned.
(The bridge was demolished, & it's center pier recently dynamited to make way for the construction of a planned replacement for the nearby Sakonnet river highway bridge, itself in marginal condition). Local TV news had coverage of the pier's being dynamited. The track from the mainland side is long abandoned, though mostly still in place with some grade crossing paved over. There is talk of turning that stretch (from Tiverton to the location of the former Bay St. yards in Fall River) into a bike trail. (The yards have been replaced by a condo development.
). Remember watching New Haven RS-3's switching in that yard as a child.

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