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Personally I am most qurious about the fine steel-mesh wick idea. It seems a lot simpler to make than the fire-brick idea. The advantage of both, to me seems that these wicks will not change their burning characteristics from run to run.

But what type of supplier could have suitable fine steel mesh? I wonder if copper or brass mesh could be used? I seem to have come across such meterials more often.

For my first firing up of my new Aster P8 (BR38), I think I will try the ceramic felt supplied in the kit, but using the traditional "3 oval burner holder", that Aster Europe supplimentary supplied with the kit. But I have been told, that the ceramic felt becomes brittle, and falls apart over time. This user also gave me the adress to Northern Fine Scale, that in his opinion (6 engines & 20 tears of experience) supply the best wick material available - whatever that might be? I'm bound to try this tip also ;-)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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