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books, mags and videos

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Hello to all
I'm away from my home and layout during the week so I am always looking for a RR fix in the form of books, magazines and video. I wish garden Railways mag came out every month since I'm almost done savoring the August issue. I have a couple of books like "garden RR getting started" , "gorgeous garden RR" and several books that deal with the real thing and an awesome DVD collection of the vanishing steam era. I have seen other DVD's on ebay but don't know if they are worth buying.
What are you guys reading and watching when you can't get outside to mess around in the yard?
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I have 2 DVD's from The Sundance Central group...both a great inspiration!

The kids are watching Thomas and Friends right now.

I have ordered a few DVD's from Spicer Pro for the boys (LS Trains) and another from Ebay that highlights Garden RR from CA.

I DVR the train shows on RFD-TV and watch weekly.

Peter Jones book, Practical Garden Railways is a great read.

The 2 Tweetsie films are family favorites too!

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I have a good selection of garden railway videos, but haven’t bought any new ones since YouTube came of age. There are a lot of garden railway clips there.

If you can find it, the video “Garden Operation on the Oregon Grape and Boomtown” is one of the best. I bought mine from Terry Shellenberger in Tigard, Oregon in 1995. You can tell I am impressed with it because I still remember his name and location 13 years after buying it, although I can’t remember what I had for supper last night.

The other recommended tape is Great Outdoor Railways from Pentrex, now on sale for $14.95. It features the fabulous railways of Dean Lowe, Bob Uniack, Roger and Faith Clarkson.
I find as I get older, the passage of time is less noticeable to me. (This is July? What happened to May?) I guess until now, I never realized GR did not come out monthly. They come, I read them, I shelve them. I thought I was losing my mind as I have been looking for the March 2008 issue for several months because someone referenced it in a post about leveling track. Must have been a typo.

Anyhow, I find lots of little things help with my train fix. It really helps if you have your own office and an understanding boss. I have a Lionel train clock on the wall. Unfortunately, it broke a gear, so the little steam train does not circle the clock every hour. I have changed the various sounds on my computer to train sounds of whistles, bells, steam chuffs, etc. I have pictures of railway layouts in a slide show as a screen saver. I am in the process of putting a shelf around the office above the door, etc. to set up an automatic reversing trolley.

If you're traveling a lot, try downloading a bunch of archives or the various "how-to" articles from the forum sites to your laptop. Then you can finally catch up on the reading on the trip.

So much material, so little time.
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I will have to check out these suggestions. Thanks guys.
I have about 10 Pentrex DVDs. Everything from Santa Fe to Big boys I watch.
If I get board with that I have about 12 years of Garden Railway mag I can go through. From the first year they came out on.
The DVDs by MovieMix productions, Backyard Railroads, are excellent. They are all over ebay, and mostly feature lots of cool Arizona railroads. Get the three DVD set from this year's national convention. It will give you lots of ideas, and take a lot of time.
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