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Posted By tony23 on 09/11/2008 5:12 PM
tac, have you got a link to your distiller I did see one at last years Harrogate engineers show but he had no brochures

Dear Mr 23 - details here -

www.justmagnotherapy.com - the proprietor, a gentleman called Jim Lewis, is very helpful indeed and has had a lifelong professional interest in water purification as a scientist for a number of water companies, so he knows what he is talking about. He is also very keen to talk to folks about any local difficulties with water supply if you care to - 0115-920-2810. He recommends using pre-heated water to save electricity, in fact, using hot water right out of the tap/faucet saves at least an hour of V, W and A.;)

I am VERY happy with the service I got from him and his willingness to discuss my local area water problems.

If you are following this on the G1MRA Yahoo site, you'll have noted my responses there, too.:confused:

I, too, run a LARGE scale loco, a 7.25" Romulus, but we use filtered rainwater and a once a year washout with FEROX...the loco is now fourteen years old, and is in prime condition, in fact, we run most every weekend throughout March - October and around christmas for the ever-popular Santa specials, on our little track not far from Ramsey, Cambs. My 1/3 scale Baguley-Drewry 'Harlech Castle' doe not use water, of course. You can find us in the 'Tiny Trains' annual under 'Fenland Light Railway' - I am the secretary.:)


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