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Blood and Custard

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Hi Gang,
I'm working on some IP Engineering passenger cars to pull with my maroon Accucraft Caradoc. I'd like to paint them in the traditional British color scheme, blood and custard. Can someone guide me to the appropriate red and cream colors in a spray can preferably a brand readily available at Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart in the US?

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Thanks guys,
Dave: I don't have an airbrush, painting large scale models with spray cans has worked for me as you've witnessed with my locos you've seen.
TAC; Thanks for the links. I like blood and custard personally and since this is a tribute train for my parents (thanks for the help with detail parts a while back) I'm going forward with that scheme, and gaudy gold pinstriping on the loco and the "Lady Doris" salon car. As for the Darjeeling, my Roundhouse loco is currently in bits preparing for backdating to the era where four wheeled stock was prevalent. No bright blue for me.
Alan; I'm hoping there are narrow gauge lines that featured blood and custard schemes. Yes, Caradoc, is narrow gauge, and the IP Roundhouse series of 4 wheeled coaches match her well. I am not always a "totally to scale" modeler prefering to enjoy myself with my hobby. You might want to search Youtube for Tom Bowdler's Shay and see the fun I'm capable of with my coal fired loky.
Thanks again,
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How did we get from a paint scheme to gustatory evaluations?!?
Thank you Alan,
Anything Italian called "Rosso" is good with me. We don't have Cmax here that I'm aware of but I have a number of Canadian train and airplane friends who could probably get it accomplished for me.
I appreciate your advice,
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