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Hi all,

A friend came by today to run some trains and brought his latest venture into 7/8ths scale, a critter and some cars.
We couldn't resist bringing out some 1:20 to run along with it and it worked pretty well. I took a few pictures and in
the last one you can see the twoscales together, perspective is a great thing.

Crossing the Clear Creek Bridge, the wheel on the boxcar brake staff clears the bridge cross member by about 1/2 inch. The bottom of the cross member
is 11 inches above rail head.

Just my opinion but I think he has done a beautiful job of building and weathering these cars and critter. The Critter and car kits are a product of
Gary Watkins at Sierra Valley Enterprises. See here if your interested http://www.sierravalleyenterprises.com/ No connection other than
satisfied customers.

Just a railfan shot

Here H & H's number 28, Joyce, runs out the mainline as my ol' Shay # 7 switches some cars on the siding. Pretty hard to tell
the difference in scale I think.

Thanks for your time.
Rick Marty

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Looks great together to me Rick,
I have enjoyed the images of your friends trains and layout on another site. I am dabbling in 7/8 and am enjoying the mass and size of the equipment. This stuff is addicting. Oh great, just what I need, another scale to model in!
Thanks for sharing,
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