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Biblegrove R/R update...

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I hope I post the pictures correctly or I'll have to do it all over....

Here are some pictures of my front yard project. I installed the pool this Spring and started on the retaining wall. I pretty much finished the wall with another 50 blocks this week. The hill raises about 6' from the top of the wall to the sidewalk along the side of the house, and are about 30' apart (20% grade?)

I have to use 8' curves and need grade to be less than 3% unless I use this section as downgrade only. Anyways, any ideas or comments will be appreciated, greatly!

looking off the Ridge of the Estate

Good 6-8' waterfall drop next to stairs going along the Concrete "wing" Wall

all done with Mocrosoft paint-the best I can do...

Switchbacks were suggested too...Is it even possible to climb this high as I have mapped out.
If I have to go up 72 inches at 3% grade, how much track length do I need?
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4" x 6' high = 2 foot in the ground - listed just above... do not know how to re-post a quote, sorry
Considering the thickness of your collumn ( about 4" , right?) I'd stay away from steel rebar. If you get mousture in the collun and the rebar starts to rust & expand, it'll destroy your collunm from the inside out.. There was a good article in Garden Railways a few years back on this.

I'd look into glass fiber. I have used glass fiber reinforced concrete for other small projects in the past. The omnidirectional nature of the loose fiber in the concrete makes for an incredibly strong mix. Some people have had "issues" with the finished project looking "fuzzy". If you have excess glass fiber poking through the surface, just burnish the surfaces with a propane torch to burn off the excess and it's fine.
Glass fiber reinforced concrete may be worth looking into.
That is becoming an impressive bridge!
It looks as long as my entire railroad... ;-(
John, did you consider instead of concrete column, making one out of metal, PVC or aluminum, and make it like a girder type? I dont have any pics, but I am sure someone has a couple, just have a base, then build something on the base. Kind of like you see bridges over rivers, concerete base, them girder system. I hope you are getting what I am trying to describe

Tom H
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Some where I saw a comment about rebar rusting eventually and then the cement started to deteriorate. Later RJD
Thanks for comments! Yes I stated I am not going to use rebar. I have thought of the fiberglass mat theory, thanks Dave. I have a pile of various broken bags of cement I purchase when I find it for $1 bag. I think there is some "fast drying" stuff, motar and portland cement... whatever I do, it's not final and would be easy enough to change. Just like to do it "right" the 1st time. MLS has saved me from many trial and error mistakes! In which has saved tons of time and effort for sure. i was going to use standard concrete mix but do not want the rock agrigate to show on the outside, would not be to scale ya know???? A friend that does concrete for a living said to use what he calls "grout" ??? Surely not the same as tile grout eh? I would think that would be too brittle.... is Grout another professional slang word for a certain type of concrete?
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P.S. I am at a friends in Chicago right now and BOY, these people are sure proud of their little manicured 3x5 lawns! I cannot stop imagining every one of them having a loop of G guage around it!

Grout comes in many forms. Google 'Sika 212 grout' for some info..

I can't help on local US products, there's bound to be something similar in your neck of the woods if you want to go down this path. Another $$ outlay though..

Started the Trestle to Paradise Lake back in March and ALMOST finished!

Cannot wait! I am ready to start laying more roadbed so I can show SOME progress this year!
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70' of concrete roadbed poured this weekend! Looking forward to a track laying party this fall.....

Poured 10' section with mortar and it is NOT holding up - BIG nono and will surely regret it later. To fix or not? Sure would hate to move back a step but 3 steps forward may be worth it?
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Only $10 for enough vinyl cut to do 2 bridges! http://www.attitudedesigns.com/ they are awesome, did all my shirts and stuff too!

I think it's cool that the bottom picture will be visitors 1st view of the layout as they come up the driveway.
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Not around the water feature, go accross it.

That is a great looking trestle.

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Stopped at Lowe's in C'dale today to price some pavers (MENARDS ALWAYS CHEAPER) , don't know what I was thinkin.... upside-
Found out ALL plants and trees were 50% Off! Picked up my 1st dozen (beautiful) dwarf Alberta Spruces! $3.50 each.... :)

Now I have to decide the perfect place to put them- This is the hardest part!
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Railroad is looking great, keep up the good work and don't get yourself fired from that job......

Hey John Did you get Re Hired after the crash or are you still under supention?

Those will make great trees.
still FIRED!
Give the boss a cookie, he will probably let you back on then.
Posted By up9018 on 05 Oct 2010 07:31 PM
Give the boss a cookie, he will probably let you back on then.

I think he is going to need more than just one cookie. That was a bigger Disaster then I have ever done

Heck,that was worse then what ever Stan and I did together.

Maybe he should have the handle of TRAIN WRECK JOHN B.
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Thanks to ALL who subscribe and reply to this thread!
My dirt guy showed up today and after 1 hour and $50 - My yard is a wreck once more!

Burn pit hole dug and a little spot to the left of the lower road bed for a siding.....

Wider spot up top line for a passing siding and a township etc.
May NOT look like much for $50 but it WAS 2 dump truck loads full and saved my back ALLOT of grief!
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