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Concerning the pool and the wall... May I recommend one of the following:

1. Keep the wall at least 15 ft away from the pool, or at least far enough that a child under the influence of testosterone won't try to leap the chasm.

2. Build a deck between the wall and the pool, such that there is no chasm to leap.

3. Install a permanent video camera to record the kids (and occasional adult) jumping from the wall into the pool, just to catch the perfect video for America's Funniest Home Videos of the one that slips as they start their leap and slams into and breaks the pool sidewall, dumping the whole water content into the base of the wall, causing it to collapse which creates a landslide which brings the $8,000 live steam locomotive and $2,000 worth of rolling stock down into the muck of dirt and swimming pool water. You might recoup the cost of the accident, (IF your video is not up against a naked child making an obscene noise which scares the dog into biting grandpa's groin). Oh wait, there is also the cost to repair the pool and landscaping... well maybe you'll go on to win the $100,000 at the end of the season.
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