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I just checked the link you posted. The description is "MDC style freight truck with Bettendorf side frame (2), bolster and loop and hook coupler. Completely assembled" Price is $7.95.
Most of us would immediately pich the couplers. So we have for cost for one pair of trucks with metal wheels: 2x $7.95 = $15.90 + 4 Sierra Valley [or similar] wheelsets for $17.00.
TOTAL cost $16+$17 = $34 per pair. Neither of these solutions meets Steve's original request for the "metal truck" replacement.

Check with Royce, sponsor of this Forum. I think he has some of the PFE trucks in stock and has "favorable" pricing.

It is really too bad the metal Accucraft bettendorfs went through the roof. They were made to go with the Barrett Railways USRA brass box cars that Accucraft produced for Lee Barrett. Originally these all metal, fully sprung trucks were $44 per pair. I think they are now priced at $70 per pair.

I managed to get some MTH trucks through their parts department. they are metal bolsters, sideframes, and fully sprung. They were a pain to mount on MDC bolsters because the hole in the truck bolster is much larger than the boss on the MDC frame bolster. I dislike the "mudcutter" flanges on the MTH wheels. Looks like they came of a model of a farm disc harrow. Gary Raymond now offers replacement wheel sets for the MTH stuff.

So... as usual, it comes down to personal preference and detail vs price. Like I said above, AMS had a great product, they just priced themselves out of the market [possibly by choice?]

Steve, Good luck in your search.


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