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I use sub-'C' packs removed from drill packs. I get them from Harbor Freight.


They are 1.3 amp hour packs.

This photo shows a single pack mounted in my trailing control car. I currently use 2 of these packs in each of my control cars and get run time of about 2-3 hours running an RS-3 or GP-40 engine. To get longer run times, I have a trailing car with another 3 battery packs packs that plug into a mu cable on the first battery/control car. That double my run time.

To properly charge these batteries, you should use a constant current charger of 10% maximum current rating for about 17 or so hours. So for the above packs I charge at .13 amp for each sub 'C' pack for 17 hours. I have a simple constant current charge circuit built into each pack that utilizes a LM-317 chip.

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