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Best adhesive for servo mounting

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I'm looking to mount some servos for RC in one of my engines but need to "glue" them in place. Normal I mount brass tabs and screw the servos down, but due to space I can't do that on this loco. I want an adhesive that can be removed if the servo fails, but won't soften when the loco gets hot. What is likely to work best? Epoxy? RTV? Goo?

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Epoxy a brass tab to the engine in the appropriate place and bolt the servo to that. If the servo fails it can be replaced by just unbolting it.

I would use JB-Weld.
That is what I have done in the past, but I had to remove the servo mounting tabs to fit them in this loco, so I need to glue the servo directly to the cab. Obviously I want the servo to be removable (with some work) if needed.
Is there room to wrap a bracket around the servo?
I have been areomodelling for 30 years and have never used mounts to attach servos in the wings I use a good quility silicon sealant and just bed the servo down onto it when it goes off you will never move it. If I ever need to get it out you can get some very thin wire and slice through the silicon like cheese wire or twist the servo out. A 10 minute epoxy glue could be used but I have found that high tempertures causes the glue to soften again so not sutable for locos.
use a double sided tape. it comes in a thickness about 1/16" thick. I'm away from home. On Wednesday, I'll give you the exact name, it's by 3M. Works like a champ and the servo can be removed without a problem.
ask Eric for some Killer Red Tape.
I've had good luck installing receivers, servo smoothers and the like with the double-sided tape the R/C airplane guys use, although it leaves a sticky mess if you have to move the component. No experience using it for servos, so I can't say for certain how well it would hold over time, given the torque a servo would generate.
Velcro tape...works great...even helps insulate. If it heat warps/shrinks, you can easily replace the tape too. Completely cover the mounting area with the velcro...so that the servo doesn't move when it operates...don't be stingy.
Try 3M #9485 hoop and loop fastener - it is rated for UV exposure and high temperature. 3m double sided foam mounting tape also works but you need the industrial version - the stuff you typically see at retaillers isn't strong enough for prolonged use. Distrust the manufacturers specifications on acceptable load as these usually refer to the 'pull off' strength - servos tend to exert lateral loads in operation.

I put radio control into my berkshire without drilling a single hole and relied entirely on a combination of double sided foam tape and hook and loop fasteners.

I drilled 2 holes into the cab floor and put some wire through it, and wrapped it around the servo and twisted it, it worked great.

if u need to remove it, just untwist the wire.
I've used clear silicone sealer with good results over the years. Very solid but removable with some effort and no holes drilled into the steamer...

Carl Malone
Clear silicone works great, BUT, both surfaces need to be very clean for good adhesion. Apply the silicone and clamp in place overnight for best results.
Thanks everyone. I currently have the servos mounted with some of Eric's killer sticky red tape that Henner mentioned, but the do move a bit and I was concerned that with heat they might come loose. Did a test firing today and it appear I have some non RC issues to resolve, so I'll just "stick" with the red tape for now and probably switch to silicon once all the gremlins are gone.
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