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Beartrap spark arrestor

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Has anybody tried to make a beartrap spark arrestor?
Or have one of the old LGB ones that I could pick up tried to get it from lgboa and said they were out
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Take a look at the latest Steam in the Garden( #97 ). There is a short description on page 33 of how one was built.
Cab Forward,
My dad built one out of brass for one of our LGB moguls. I will be able to take pictures of it this weekend when I am home. There was also a company that made kits too but they are long gone. I will try to post the pics or if that doesn't work, I can email them to you
Let me now about those pics. I will look for them thisweekend
What do you mean how much the LGB one is worth?
  If you really want one (this is kind of extreme) go and purchase one of the LGB C&S Forneys or Moguls on ebay and remove the spark arrestor. Then, put the engine back on ebay and sell it! If you time it right you can get a decent price and may even sell it for nearly what you paid for it! (That's how I acquired mine!) ;)
That is a great idea but a little to extrem for know but if I cant get one or make one that looks good that might be what I have to do.
I tried to call LGB and say that I had the Mogul and that it took a spill and the Bear trap broke they said they were out of them
Thanks for the idea
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