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I guess to most of you guys this wont be a New Subject, but
I`m tearing my hair out over this problem, and I dont have a
lot left, {hair that is} ;-}.
I have a Bachmman Climax B Class 25 tonner!. Two 12 volt
motors, I`m using a single 12 volt 3 amp Gel cel Battery to
run both motors in this beast, My problem is not Flat Batteries
but totally "Ruined" batteries, within 4 to 6 Months my
batteries will go flat and not receive a full charge, and yet,
they do!????????,
After charging the Battery up I`ve used a Volt Meter to check
the Battery content, It shows 12.64volts on the meter, I put
this in the Climax and it wont turn a wheel, I buy a new Battery
and away she go`es like a Racing Tadpole!.

A chap told me I`m pulling the guts out of the battery using
it to power two motors, I think he is wrong, I`m really
thinking about taking one motor out of the front Bogie and
using one battery for one motor the same as the Bachmman Annie,
but before I waste any more money on batteries I thought I`d
throw the problem up on this Forum and see what "VooDoo" you
chaps can suggest I try.

All the Electronics on the Loco` check out OK.
Can you blokes help!.


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I`ll try and answer you all here so far:
I`ve just checked my Batteries out and found I`ve been
misleading you blokes a little:

The First Battery is a "Diamec {12 volt 1.3ah/20hr}unit
cycle use: 14.4-15.ov.
Standby use:13.5-13.8V.
Inial Current: Less then o.38A.
Do not Short Circuit.
Recharge after use.
The charger is a 12volt/1a Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger
Cat NO:MB-3526. Supplied by Battery Shop.

The Second Batteries are: Diamec-1.3 {6v1.3ah/20hr} by two.
these are set up together to give 12 volts. These use the
same Charger as above.

The Third Battery is a 9.6volt-750mah from "Dirty Dick Smiths"
The charger is a DC output of 12volt 200 ma. supplied by
Dirty Dicks. These sell at $29.00 for Battery and Charger.

Next Costing of these little Beauties: When first sold these
went for the Princly Sum of $75.00 Au. they now sell at
around $20.00 Au. HMmmmm!.

I dont mind at all buying Batteries at more expence if they
are going to return a "Fair" usage, But if they are going to die in 3 to 6 Months then they can Whack Them!.

I run Short Trains and would be quite happy to drop one
Motor out so I am powering one Motor with One Battery,
Lets face it that should be quite enough power really!.
But I know I`d be pulling the Loco`s resale value down if
I ever wanted to sell her on in future!.
I hope this bit of extra info` can help you blokes in your
collective thoughts.


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Sorry Blokes, forgot this bit,
Yes I`m using R/C 2 Channel "Sabre", I have three of these
yes they are large and to some Bulky, but with my Hands I need
this too hang on to them safely!, They are wired in with Digital
Speed Controllers and are a lot of fun to drive, They all use
Main Battery Power to feed the Receiver her power, while the
old "Dash 2" Unit I`ve had for Thirty Years has Four Single Cell
Batteries to do this.

I would Love to update to these "RSC Units" but my Name is
"Richards not Rockefellow" Maybe one day!.;-}

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