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Posted By John R on 07/14/2008 7:21 PM
Sorry Blokes, forgot this bit,
Yes I`m using R/C 2 Channel "Sabre", I have three of these
yes they are large and to some Bulky, but with my Hands I need
this too hang on to them safely!, They are wired in with Digital
Speed Controllers and are a lot of fun to drive, They all use
Main Battery Power to feed the Receiver her power, while the
old "Dash 2" Unit I`ve had for Thirty Years has Four Single Cell
Batteries to do this.
I would Love to update to these "RSC Units" but my Name is
"Richards not Rockefellow" Maybe one day!.;-}

Could the digital speed controllers from teh RC cars I'm geussing these were designed for be the culprits? They burn off a LOT of heat at slower speeds adn run most efficiently at higher speeds that the RC car, plane, and boat crowd use...
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