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This 2 1/2" gauge meths fired Flying Scotsman had already been assembled from a kit when it came into my possesion twelve years ago.
It still runs regularly at G3 meets here in the UK.
The picture was in fact taken at Thurnby today where it hauled eight fairly heavy LNER teak bogies made by the late Fred Newman.
The engine runs to it's original design with no mods. as such., although lots of it's operating structure has been replaced by John Shawe as you might expect!
The boiler together with the original super heater and blower are not the originals and the eight burners have long been replaced.
The re-paint by Brian Badger has itself now become soiled, as at some time in the past, the blower should have been applied when the loco was stationary, thus the outer firebox casing became scorched.
These engines always had a blow down fitted on the back head and the large sight glass has made driving pretty fail save over the years.
The tender has a huge storage capacity for meths and water but with the eight burners the water consumption is rather high. If you keep the by-pass closed whilst running the axle pump will just cope with the engines demand for water/steam.
Ofcourse the original LNER engines had tapered boilers but one imagines that Bassett Lowke would have been anxious to keep the price to a buget. It was a rarity for B/L to make what could be described as 'quantity'
No China mnfg. base in those days!
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