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Back in my sawmill days, we would lose one of the band mills occasionally. We heard a story one time of a head rig that broke its abnd saw cutting a big fir log. The saw wrapped itself around the bottom wheel down in what was called the "**** hole." Curiously the crew gathered around to peer down into the bottom wheel while the sawyer wond down the wheels. The broken saw decided it had enough of riding around the bottom wheel came flying out like a coiled spring. People scattered like crazy as the saw came out and ran around the mill floor. Fortunately no one was hurt, though some pants were stained.

Later after this story had made its rounds, were cutting second growth pine in our quad mill, when one of the logs broke in the carriage. One saw backed off the mill and ran itself into the housing and the other three saws broke into pieces flying around the mill. Again we were lucky, nobody got hurt, though the cant sorter got chased by flying saw pieces. Thise were the days.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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