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Backwoods engine update

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I got a few more details done with my engine. I used that matte finish for the front of engine to tone the shine down. Made a difference. I also painted the front # plate and bell. I also painted the window trim and I decided to paint the inside of the cab black. I also put a wooden bumper on the front and I made two grab rails in the back from some wire I had laying around. Still have weather to do and also need to get a new whistle for the top. The plastic one broke a while back.

Start with the before shot


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Coming along nicely! Are you still planning to 7/8ths it one day?
Posted By pdk on 09/25/2008 6:42 PM
Coming along nicely! Are you still planning to 7/8ths it one day?
Thanks, yea thats my goal is too eventually start doing some 7/8ths
Hmmm, it still needs...something (besides an engineer, lol). Maybe a long bit of chain draped over the pilot? And/or some hose wrapped around a dome? GREAT start though! (I'm a firm believer in clutter, most places have it)

Don't be afraid to use "blacken-it" or even a thin coat of paint on the top side of the skate...
Looks good so far. Good Job
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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