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Bachmann's K

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 mSince all the changes, lets see some photo, reports, etc of all the new Bachmann locos as they begin to arrive at your railroad. Keep the info/photos coming!:D

Happy Rails To You,

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Here is the link to the long one from the archives...




I wouldn't want anyone to not find all that information....

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Perhaps helpful to us groundlings who have yet to order or consider ordering a K-27:
If you have a K-27, please take some photos of the engine compared to a known large scale loco - say, an LGB mogul - and some USA/Aristo/LGB freight cars and any of the new 1:20 B'mann freight cars.

   It would also be interesting to see a K-27 next to a Connie. I have seen the 1:22.5 bash next to an original 1;20.3 Connie but never a 1:20.3 K-27!
Looks like I won't be getting one for a while.

Mine was pre-ordered September 20th.

According to my dealer, Bachmann won't be shipping mine to them until MAYBE next week.

Why even pre order?


Here are two pictures that I posted in the thread "#453 is here" yesterday. I hope that this helps.



The cars behind the K-27 are 1:20.5 Accucraft and Bachmann and those behind the Mogul are LGB.


Chuck N
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The photos clearly show the difference in size -- which is OK as I have a mix of cars. My guess is the 1:29 Aristo/USA cars will work out behind the loco. The LGB mogul - I have two - is definitely dwarfed.
A C18 next to a K28 is also dwarfed, so there is a real comparison.
Here is a K-37 and a Connie for comparison. The K-37 is a little larger than the K-27, but you can see the size difference.

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A couple of (additional) observations now that I have my #463 and it arrived with a friend's #464:

- If your loco comes with a plow, that's what you've got. The plow doesn't mount over the pilot, it replaces the pilot. Going plowless will involve oredering a bunch of parts from Bachmann.

- If your loco (like mine) comes without a plow, you'll have two holes in each side of the smokebox where the plow brackets would attach. Can't fault Bachmann for doing their homework on which locos usually/frequently ran with plows and which didn't, but plugging the holes would have been nice. In the short term, I stuck a couple of Accucraft bolts in the holes since a bolt-head on the side of the smokebox looks more reasonable than two holes.

- Markers are definately not white (I'd have said orange). Headlight is very yellow due to voltage limitations to the bulb. Both correctable issues.

- Detail overall is extremely nice including places where the sun don't shine.
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Anyway you look at it, that sure is one large loco! Thanks for the shots showing the comparisons.:)




Here is a picture of a K-27 and a Connie.



Chuck N
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Bob, I ordered a Bachmann K-27 from St. Aubin Station this afternoon (01/03/08) and it will be here by next Wednesday (01/09/08). I will take a picture of it along side one of my Connies and then post it.


Carmel Valley RR
    Many thanks Chuck! That's precisely the kind of view I was looking for. Now.........how about some more?:cool:
At great risk to appear biased(or ignorant), Caboose Hobbies in Denver, CO has an aggresive price on the K27s. I assure you, I do not work for them nor have I purchased from them prior to my ordering the K27. I have shopped most of the larger on-line retailers and no one that I can tell has a better price. Sorry if this is inappropriate to mention. Of course having enough stock is the true question.
I just ordered a K-27 from St. Aubin in Nevada for $34 less than the Caboose price of $733.
According to Caboose Hobbies' website, they have a new, reduced price on the Bachmann K-27 of just under $699.
But no good if you live in Colorado and to have to pay Sales Tax at Caboose.

Such is the weird ways of the tax system.
Hmmm...... I payed the $733 price and now they are advertising pre-orders for $699??!!! (Lovely......) The engine hasn't even showed up as yet and already they have dropped their price to match the other retailers! I don't blame them but it seems as if those of us that have given them a pre-order and haven't as yet had our credit cards debited because the merchandise hasn't arrived should be allowed to have the new "lower" pre-order price!:confused:
San Val received their shipment of K's today, and was planning to ship mine this afternoon.

My pre-order price and free shipping was honored.....

Matthew (OV)
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