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TJ -

When I "bashed" my B'mann log cars, the first things to go were the plastic logs. I also replaced the stock trucks, with their oversized talgo-mounted couplers, with the Carter Brothers-ish ones from Bachmann's series of "1:20.3 scale" 20-foot cars. (Available from the B'mann parts department.) After adding Ozark link & pin sill-mounted couplers, brake wheels, pawls, and chain; then repainting, this is how they look now.

The original models have very good wood grain cast into them, but I added end grain to the longitudinal and transverse members (also to the truck bolsters.) This was done by dragging a razor saw blade across them with a twisting motion and accentuating here and there with a #11 X-acto blade.

Please don't ask me what kind of wood this is, I got them from my friend Noel Crawford who doesn't know either. They aren't supposed to represent any particular tree species, I just like the looks of them. They have a good tight end grain and "scale" bark texture. In any case, they sure don't look like plastic.

1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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