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Posted By Ted_Roy on 02/21/2008 7:46 PM

Now that I have the lettering off, thanks to K and Super Clean, I can start converting my Bachmann single truck Open Trolley to a Connecticut Company Trolley.  I am going to re-stripe the car using templates made in Microsoft Visio, the lettering is from Railfonts, Southern Pacific.  And it will be detailed with Light Rail Products, retrievers, lights and couplers.  I am going to also add a destination board to the dashes, and light it up.  This Flickr link shows the progress so far:  Stripped car lettering and striping, disassembled dash, and a printed template with a yellow background for test fitting to the car's body and dash panels.  A minor amount of re-painting will be done to change the backside of the dash area and the partition following it to deep brown, and the roof to gray.  I would also like to fabricate the folding fenders that Conn Co used, but that is alittle more in the future.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice in the previous lettering and striping topics.
Looks really good to me !
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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