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Bachmann Porter or 45 Tonner?

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I was looking for a switch engine for my yard and am trying to decide between the Bachmann 45 tonner or the Bachmann porter. I'm not real familiar with either engine so i have a few questions.
1. Are both 1/20.3 scale? I know the old porter wasn't but was wondering about the new and the 45 tonner?
2. Are they both decent runners?
3. Is there room for batteries and electronics in either of them? I run battery power with airwire so i would need some room inside.

The 45 tonner would be a little to modern for me but i'm willing to accept that if it would work better for me. Any help would be great.

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Hmmm, i didn't realize the 45 tonner or dizzie, was such a large loco. The largest loco i run is a LGB sumpter Valley Mallet scaled up to 1/20.3 My next largest is a connie. I really don't want the loco to dwarf my regular fleet, i just want something to shove cars around the yard. Hopefully when i save some cash I wanna get the B-mann k. But I assume thats gona be awhile.

When the porter is listed as a "spectrum" is that the 1.20 version or the older smaller one?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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