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Bachmann Porter or 45 Tonner?

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I was looking for a switch engine for my yard and am trying to decide between the Bachmann 45 tonner or the Bachmann porter. I'm not real familiar with either engine so i have a few questions.
1. Are both 1/20.3 scale? I know the old porter wasn't but was wondering about the new and the 45 tonner?
2. Are they both decent runners?
3. Is there room for batteries and electronics in either of them? I run battery power with airwire so i would need some room inside.

The 45 tonner would be a little to modern for me but i'm willing to accept that if it would work better for me. Any help would be great.

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Hmmm.....interesting dilemna! Of course, I'm predjudiced! There's NO contest when it comes to narrow gauge steam vs anything!:rolleyes: Still, the question has been asked so I'll give it a shot.
The Porter in 1:20.3 is slightly larger than the original in 1:22.5 as you have noted. Here's a couple of comparison pictures:

Now, the Porter (the 1:20.3 version) is indeed large enough for r/c battery and sound all contained in the engine. Dave Goodson has already been informed that the next engine I'm sending him is my Porter!/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/satisfied.gif
A lot depends upon what you want to do with the switcher. Is it just a yard engine pushing rolling stock around? What are your mainline engines? Do you have LGB Moguls and Bachmann Big Haulers or do you go for larger engines like the new K-27 or the Connie? If you tend towards the smaller engines then the 45 tonner will dwarf them. It's a BIG engine (which also answers your question about room for all of the electronics.)
It ultimately is your decision of course but you did ask for our input! For what it's worth, I'd say get the Porter! Stick with the proper era! Stick with steam! :D
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