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You know, I like the way the model looks. Not that I'd ever buy one, but that's beside the point.

I like big logging engines. I like articulated engines. I like tank engines. Heck, I like pretty much anyhting steam powered. My first thougth when I saw that engine was a pair of moguls (I also like kitbashing and scratchbuilding). So, for me, the model would have a lot of potential, and I really don't care what flavor of electronics are inside, as I'd simply replace them as part of the project.

But, as I said, I won't buy one. Why not? Because when an engine costs the greater part of $1,000 after purchase, shipping, and electronics replacements to make it run, it had darn well better be EXACTLY what I wanted in the first place. Kitbash fodder shouldn't cost more than a couple hunderd, at the most. So, to me, every engine on the market should either run perfectly out of the box, or be priced about the same as a Big Hauler or comparable. Why would anyone bother with an expensive engine that doesn't work, and work perfectly, as designed, all the time?
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