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I was over on the Bachmann board looking for information on the Mallet.

I was surprised that there was only one topic concerning the Mallet, and that one was about the space above the circuit board, something I would assume I would need to know in order to fit a DG583AR decoder.

After trudging through the first page of posts and not finding an answer to that simple question, I went to page two..... AND GOT A MESSAGE THAT THE TOPIC WAS REMOVED.

In fact, I didn't find any topics about the Mallet. What happened. Has Bachmann canceled the loco?

What did I miss?


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Well Gee.

I asked the Bachmann if they made any changes to the board.

His answer.... "Ask Digitrax"

Why would Digitrax know if Bachmann changed their board?

I don't get it.

But I called Digitrax and asked.

Digitrax's answer... "Why the H___ are you asking us?"

This brings to mind the three truck shay.
I ordered one with the Quasinami. Paid the Quasinami price.
The dealer ordered A Quasinami Shay and an analog shay for his store stock.
He got shipped two analog shays. But billed for one each.

Eventually the dealer ate the difference in price. Bachmann told him just to have his customer order the board.

When I called Bachmann to order the board, they said to call SoundTraxx.

SoundTraxx's answer... "Why the H___ are you asking us?"

OK, I think I get it now.
The broken tender, USP's fault, or mine for accepting the box in the first place.
The Decoder shorting out when in the Kay, (but works in other locos), Digitrax's fault
Missing Quasinami, dealer's fault.
Unable to supply the missing Quasinami, Soundtraxx's fault.
Crumbling parts on my original first run shay, China's fault.
Bent axle on the Kay, USP did it.
Cracked plastic gears in my two truck shay, China's fault.
Loose counterweights. China's fault.
Burned out smoke generators, My fault.
Dead sound card in the Big hauler, Ray-o-Vac's or Duracell's or maybe Wall-mart's for leaving them on the shelf too long.
Kay lugs down on curves, blame all those newbies who want to run fast.
Firebox won't flicker on decoder FX output. My fault for expecting fire instead of the provided rock concert.
Bulbs won't work in marker lights. My fault for not liking the space alien eyes.
Chuff won't work, just call SoundTraxx, Phoenix, Digitrax, MRC LGB, Massooth or pay the extra 100 for one that is designed for the optical chuff. Guess that must be my fault for being so cheap or wanting functions that one doesn't provide.

Looks like Bachmann is a perfect company and never makes any mistakes.

Guess that should make me feel confident when ordering a Mallet.
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