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Thanks TOC. All that being said it seems if I give myself an opening that is roughly 9" high (over railhead) by 8" wide I should be in good shape..

I have see a 9 1/4” high minimum , a 7 min width for straights and a 8.5” wide for curves. Using transition curves can reduce this somewhat but I wanted some additional room to handle the largest of equipment.

That said, lock #1 and #4 axles to keep nose overhang (11/16" and uncontrollable, depending on load) to a minimum.

I have done this on one of my K27s but found that I had much better reliability by doing Dave’s procedure on the 2nd and 4th axles. This allowed the front axle to float and act as a pilot to guide the locomotive through curves that did not have a transition such as LGB 1600s.

Hope that helps

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