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Nick: Gladly :)

All: $275 is the Bachmann list price. They pulled it from the ones posted in the online "Products" section of the website, but it's still in the Bach-Man's photo gallery on the board.


So, the $139.00 is about half that, and probably pretty close to a "reasonable" street price.... much like the K-27's $700 from a $1400 MSRP. The discounting can begin from there, though in recent examples, it hasn't been much (and there are stories as to why, if you read the news on it.)

The caboose has the same MSRP as the Davenport, ergo, the same "street" price at the onset.

The exception, of course, is Walthers, who still thinks it's fun to charge $65.00 for a Big Hauler boxcar. Similar in many respects to the folks who sell cans of Pepsi for $3.50 at the airport.... I suppose if you can't find it anyplace else....

Oh, and from experience: Nobody's heard of any of these things until they have them advertised.

After the debacle with the K, where I pre-ordered the one I wanted, got the one I didn't want, and ended up having to order the one I wanted from somewhere else at a much higher price, I'm gonna wait for Ridge Road this time, I think ... they've never done badly on anything I've ever bought from them.

Matthew (OV)
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