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Hey All!

Its been a while since i have been on MLS, however i have no one else to turn to right now. Bachmann unfortunately has been ZERO help to me for obtaining parts. and when i did order parts they sent the wrong ones. ANYWAYS......

The BAGRS will be having a club open house this sunday 5/24/15 and my house will be open. I recently acquired a 2 truck shay from a family who no longer has kids interested in trains. the down side is... these kids had ZERO respect for the well being of the models. I have rebuilt the locomotive as best as possible and Added an airwire with a phoenix sound system however the details are in need of DIRE attention.

I was hoping to run the locomotive this sunday, however the locomotive headlight mount and headlight assembly have taken a hard hit from the destruction of minors. Does anyone have these parts maybe laying around or taken off when modifying their own?

I will pay for two day or next day shipping!

Thanks and hope all is well with everyones Garden Railroads

- Colin

The photo is what I'm looking for. the second shows an image I found on google with the stack removed.


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