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Bachmann 2-8-0 tender trucks--substitute

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This morning I received an email from Danny Sheehan in Australia asking some questions about a statement I made earlier.  I had mentioned in an earlier thread  that I was using Accucraft trucks on my Connie tender.  I  had to do this after the originals broke and Bachmann told me they didn't have any replacements and probably wouldn't for quite a while. This all happened before TOC informed us that the trucks could be repaired with longer screws.

Danny questioned how I was able to use the Accucraft tender trucks as they are too high and require major surgery to bring the tender to a proper height?  I totally agree as I learned the same thing.  I was later able to obtain a pair of Accucraft caboose trucks.  They are lower and worked perfectly.  They may not be prototypical, but they do work.  On my railroad that is all that counts. 

Here are some pictures of the trucks.  The height of the caboose truck is 25.15mm ((0.994") and the tender truck is 32.9mm (1.294").  That was measured from the table surface to the top of the bolster.  This measurement includes the height of the flange.  The first pictures show the trucks on the tender and caboose.  The last is a picture of the tender (silver) truck and caboose (black) truck.

Chuck N
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They look great...what an super idea...
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