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Hey guy's check this out!!

Friday, February 8, 2008 Who Said That!?  

There are times you really have to wonder just how much chutzpah some people have.

Since the first announcement of the Bachmann K-27 many modelers have asked whether or not the plows and pilots would be interchangeable on the engines. Initially there was hope that a set of each would be included with every engine, however as many began to unwrap their mudhens, this hope was quickly dashed.

Subsequently, posts on Bachmann's own forum have included those asking if, and when, these parts will be made available separately for sale. Certainly it would stand to reason that Bachmann would have spares on-hand to support their newly released engine, and as such, one would hopefully be able to purchase a spare, no?

As for the Bach-man's response... well, he'll supposedly post more when he knows something (as stated in his January 1st post found here: http://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/board/index.php/topic,3786.msg32736.html#msg32)... however that isn't stopping Stanley Ames from posting (though whether it's for, or on the behalf of, Bachmann is still up for debate).

For those of you that missed it, official "consultant" to Bachmann trains, Stan Ames was kind enough to announce this past Tuesday that K-27 snow plows will be available from Bachmann. (Why on Earth the Bach-man, company spokesman for the organization didn't know this, or care to post it on the company website is beyond us... but hey, as least someone is talking, right?)

Should you care to see Mr. Ames original post, it may be viewed here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/One-20point3/message/32806

Certainly the availability of these plows will be welcomed by modelers, it's just hard to fathom why, as a community, we must learn about such developments from those NOT speaking for the company.

Not to be overlooked, Stan Ames' post does highlight the fact that, according to Walthers, Bachmann will be selling not just the K-27 Snow Plow, but the Road Pilot, Switching Pilot, and the prized Doghouse as well.

When? Well, that remains to be seen.

To borrow a phrase... Anticipate!

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And, this morning, the OTHER Official Spokeperson for Bachmann announced it on their company website.
Interestingly, he only mentioned some on-line retailers who jumped the gun.....
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