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Bachman large scale parts

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Hi Guy's,

I was just on the b-man site and checked the large scale parts, they have listed the freight trucks w/metal wheels for $13 also the passenger trucks.

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Cool, maybe soon the smaller WSL-esque trucks?

Thats a good price: I wish it was available over here in the UK! Just rememver that they are to 1/22.5 scale and not 1/20.3 - for example - the wheelbase of the passenger trucks and the Hartland ones as well is 64mm, the Accucraft is 75mm which is right for 1/20.

All is not lost however the Bachmann/Hartland ones are perfect for early vehicles which are shorter AND this also applies to the early D&RG baggage, and RPO cars as well (they used 4ft 4inch wb); these cars also had an easier to build roof - plain arc.
I sure hope they add more than just trucks to that list.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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