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I'm no expert so I hope these suggestions from experience with my fleet of Asters help.
First up I would check wicks for height and 'looseness' that is when burner turned upside down do they nearly fall out. Wicks in too tight restricts meths flow and burn also sometimes there needs to be some 'combustion space' above the wicks so you could have them too high all this involves altering and testing while pulling a load.
If all that is OK then assuming the blast pipe is aligned and there are no air leaks around the smokebox/boiler have a check at the height of the blast pipe as it should be the usual 1 in 3 ratio of chimney diameter to start of chimney petticoat and 1 in 6 to top of chimney. I have had Asters that have needed the height of the blast pipe altered a little and it made a big difference.
Another problem could be due to fuel, either level too low in wick holders by starving the chicken feed with too low a fuel height there. Also is your meths good quality? I found buying meths labelled for cleaning has too much water content ( often around 10% plus ) thus a lower heating capability. All meths has some water content ( unless you buy laboratory grade ) and should be less than around 5%. Meths also absorbs water over time if a small amount is stored in a large container with a big air space and if it had 7% water content before it may well have more than 10% now and appear to burn well but less heat. I only know this as I have had 'poor' performance from good loco's that I couldn't trace until I changed my meths.
Having said all the above I found that all my meths burning Asters need a load (that is more regulator and resulting stronger blast) before I can close the blower right off, light engine or two carriages the blower is usually on for slower running, but blower off for warp speed.
I have a friend who has two B1 loco's ( he couldn't decide which colour so he bought one of each) and they are superb runners easily making steam so no doubt this will be a great engine that you will love.
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