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Aster Shay

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I have an aster shay and the wicks were in kinda bad shape.  I am changing them to stainless steel mesh.  Would following directions for the other engines hold true for the shay?  I have never fired this engine up yet....but hopefully soon when I get my track down.  I noticed when I ordered from MSC they had two sizes wire in that mesh I got the larger wire one would this make a difference?  On another note I always wanted a larger shay 1 1/2 and have made some parts but I have had a change of heart and I like my G Gauge now, has anyone every took Kozo's plans reduced them and made a 1/2 scale shay?  I want to try it....

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I don't know about a shay but here's a Heisler being built in 20.3 from Kozo's plan. It's a way down the page.


Harvey C.
SA 1838
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