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Aster Mikado Kit

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I am going to be getting an Aster Mikado kit from Royce. After the Huckleberry steamup, where I got to run Fred Gandolfi's Aster Mikado I really found out how much fun alcohol firing was and what engine I really wanted. Do any of you guys have any tips for building the Aster Mikado kit? I did get the axel and tender pump kit.
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Back to the Locktite issue! The correct Loctite for our models is 222MS which does come in a red bottle but the liquid has a purplish tint. Blue loctite, or Locktite 242 is far too strong for these models and may make it very difficult to remove fasteners coated with it. I am currently rebuilding a model for a customer who partially built it with this blue Loctite 242 and I have had to use a small torch to get some fasteners free - fortunately without damage to the engine. The blue Loctite can really gum up the threads even after the screws are removed and has to be chased out with an appropriately sized tap.This blue Loctite also can leave a crusty residue on your paint and this is very hard to remove. So save yourself some future problems and only use Loctite 222MS.

Good luck,

Ross Schlabach
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