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I was wondering if there's anyone out there who has experience with a Glaskasten. I can get mine to run great on blocks, but only for about 20 seconds when it runs low on steam and can't produce enough to keep a steady beat. It's as if the exhaust is not creating enough draft to keep the fire going. Running the blower will not create enough draft to keep the thing going. It may be poor wick packing, but with the burner out of the engine, I get a very nice blue flame across all three wicks.

Also, it only runs on blocks, won't pull its own weight on a treadmill.

I've resealed the valve chests, and can't find any steam leaks.

So I guess the real queston is, are there any special tricks towards getting a Glaskasten to run? I know about the fire brick trick, and thats next on the agenda, but I'm thinking that flame and wicks are not really the issue.


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Cant help you with those issues but I love the looks of that lil loco....Never saw one for sale yet.

What is the wick material?

How toght are they packed?

How tall are the wicks over the top of the cup?

How far do you have the fuel needle open.

Also how well is the smokebox sealed including the door seal. The inlet for the pipes on the smokebox should also be sealed with hi temp RTV also. A thin film of the Hi Temp RTV omn all those seals will keep a better draft. I had to reseal mine as part of my smokebox was not even sealed and I lost all my draft to keep a good flame.

My only expirence with meths firing is by Aster B1 and all these have caused me to fine tune things on it to keep up a good fire.
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