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When I was a kid here in Australia we lived for a time at Coolah about 70 miles west of Mudgee and every week the Water Train would arrive with a train load of filled water tank cars. When we have a drought here in Australia we have a drought! Anyway back to the story.
We lived on a farm out of town and from the front step I could see the rai line about 1/2 mile away, when the Water Train arrived it always had an AD60 on the front and my question to my step-father was "There's nothing to support the middle of the loco , why doesn't it break in the middle?"
To me it was an ugly loco, but then the G Class on Puffing Billy line is beautiful, you can't account for taste.
At Garden Rail In The Hunter last year we had a double-header of AD60's so we still have approx two Aster AD60's here in Australia, I think I have some pix if you would like one contact me off list.
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