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In early April, Team World Vision challenged to give up my couch potato ways and...
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Over 1 billion people (1 billion!) lack access to clean water and sanitation. When clean water is scarce, all aspects of life are impacted:
Health--Contaminated water and poor sanitation are a factor in 88% of all disease in the developing world.
Food production--Without water, crops and livestock die and healthy meals cannot be prepared.
Economics--Poor health from unclean water causes a community's productivity to suffer and family incomes to dwindle.
Education--Childen spend hours fetching water each day instead of attending school.
World Vision's Response
Because clean water is foundational to all aspects of development, it is often the first work that World Vision does in a community. World Vision works with communities to:
Construct wells for clean water
Provide water-storage containers
Install water-piping systems for irrigation
Protect natural springs
Purify water contaminated by bacteria
Construct latrines for proper sanitation
More than 10 million people have gained access to clean water and sanitation as a result of World Vision's water projects.
The main project that Team World Vision athletes are supporting this year is in Zambia. In Zambia, the life expectancy is 40 years old, and only 40% of the population has access to a clean water source. With the help of your fundraising efforts, World Vision will be able to work with the communities in Musele and Mbala to:
Provide access to clean water by constructing 100 wells
Train men and women to take ownership in maintaining the wells
Provide improved sanitation by building 1,500 latrines
Partner with Zambia's Ministry of Health to increase awareness of water and sanitation safety in schools and communities

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As much as I appreciate an organization that provides assistance for children anywhere, I would much rather give money and time in helping children and families in OUR community...would be a good thing if an organization like this would strive to help out the hungry, homeless, uneducated in the USA...we're not a third world country (although sometimes I wonder)...but I believe that there is enough that needs to be worked on here before we tackle problems and crisis' 1/2 way around the world...

Good for you though Torby!! Let us know how you fare in the marathon!!

as good as the intention of the donators for organisations of this type are....
...truth is, these aids often do more damage, than good.
living in one of the "receiver-countries" i often see, that once, a comunity gets aid, the people cease to make own efforts.
most infamous water aid-project ever made was from germany.
they made wells by the hundreds in the sahel.
waterabundance led to bigger herds.
bigger herds led to overgrazing
overgrazing led to desertification.
instead of being poblated by poor farmers with small herds, now the sahel is poblated by beggars, who are 100% dependant on foreign help


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World Vision is one of the oldest and largest Christian Relief organizations. They are about the only one that had access in Burma because they've been there 40 years and the Burmese junta government already knew who they are and what they do.

Once they've established safe water and sanitation, they get schools, local sustainable agriculture the people can continue and an economy established.

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