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Its been over 2 years and Aristo still has failed to properly support
this product. No water gauges, other parts scare as hen's teeth, no
diagram or parts list, no decent maintenance or tuning instructions.

I acquired my two Mikados from a previous disgruntled owner. How many
of us does Aristo want?

Worst thing about it is there has been little response to our repeated
cries for the diagrams, the tuning info, parts etc. Has any other
loco been without a parts list and diagram for this long after

We know they have this info! What would it take to put the diagram on
the web site? How much time would it take to have Navin, or whoever
does the tuning of the returned units, write up a set of instructions
and starting points?

I suggest this group engage in a mass email, phone and letter writing
campaign. Our aim is to get the info out on the web site or sent to
someone who would post it. A respectful but firm approach is best at
this point.

However we need to point out that the live steam market is a small one
and repeat customers are what they need. Their lack of support and
documentation seriously jeopardizes repeat and future sales.


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While I agree that this information should be forthcoming, I do not agree on the statement "We know they have this info!".

Andre, the exploded diagrams on the sparkies were done by Aristo staff, not supplied by the manufacturer!

What I cannot understand is why Aristo does not make these diagrams part of the manufacturing "deal" with Sanda Kan (the manufacturing company).

I believe the live steamer is made by 2 different companies in addition to Sanda Kan, one for the steam part, and one for the RC part.

So, if this was just a sparkie, it would be bad. With the live steam, it seems unsolvable.


Regards, Greg

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If it would take a bunch of us to get diagrams for the locos other than Asters the first company to do it would of been Accucraft. But still there are no real manuals on repairs or even a good timing set of instructions. Dave Hottman is the only one that had come up with direction for those issues but there is still nothing then memory if you take one apart.

What parts are you looking for on the Mikado? Glass tube for the sight glass is easy to find as for gauges and stuff there are many options out there if you have any machining abilities or adapters, unfourtnally for the people that dont they need to look to the ones that do and have something done for them. I have had some issues in the past with Accucraft engines and if you have to take it down you better remember how you did it and hope for the best. Other option is sent it back for repairs. Neither Aristo or Accucraft keep parts in stock and neither gaurantee that they will have the needed part. If you want diagrams and a parts supply buy an Aster or Roundhouse. You always get what you pay for in quality and support. So far I have had very good support on my Accucraft locos but I also have to keep in mind that when something breaks or wears out you may have to fabricate what you need. I have Asters that are over 20 years old and to this day you can still get parts I needed to repair it. That says something about a company.
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