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Aristocraft Mikado axles & fuel question

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Hi there:

Has anyone removed the drivers from their Aristocraft Mikado? I would like to know if the Aristocraft live steam Mikado axles are tapered or keyed.

Is it possible to replace the butane nozzle with a propane nozzle and fire the engine with propane to eliminate the requirement for the water bath?

Will a propane flame melt the firebox?

Why do Accucraft and Aristocraft use butane to fire their models?

thank you
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RE: Aristocraft Mikado axles & fuel question

Dont know the answer to the axle question..but the reason, commercial makers fire with butane is safety.. simple as that.. propane tanks. and lines must stand higher pressure.. and most hobbyists dont have the knowledge or skills to make propane systems. The water bath question is only partly solved with propane, the vapour pressure is still affetced by drawing of gas.. my large propane bottles drop pressure during abig boiler session and they get quite cold to touch.
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