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Aristocraft B Unit Bo-Bo Kitbash.

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Good Morning all,
I bought a "B Unit" from "Evilbay" and wish to Bash it into
a Western Australian Diesel Unit, When it arrived home I tried the Motors and they seemed slow to me in running, A Mate suggested they maybe 20Volt!, so I thought I`d ask you chaps,
It is around 1990 Circa` and I have no Idea.

Which then begs my next question?, Is there anyone out there
with two 12 Volt Bogies {Two Axle} who would be interested in
Swapping the 20Volt for 12Volt Units?

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Their nominaly rated at 18V. They will run fine on 12-22VDC, albeit slowly on 12. All the aristocraft motors are the same I believe.
The USAT units tend to run faster, maybe that would be a better base to start from.

Regards, Greg
The c. 1990 FB-1 units work quite well with 14.4 volts, (12 NiCad cells) and move at a decent clip. My dad and I converted an A-B-B-A string around that time for a friend in exchange for doing the video for my sister's wedding. They ran convincingly quickly enough. I don't think you'll have anything to worry about.

If you use Aristo's LiIon packs, I believe they're 18 volts so you'll get even more speed out of them.


You may want to have a look at George Schreyer’s article on tuning up the early motor bricks that were used in the FB-1.

Tuning the Aristo-Craft Motor Block
We are getting a little off track here. John: very little, if any, large scale runs at 12 volts as a nominal max voltage.

Maybe we should ask you now why have you selected 12 volts?

Virtually every large scale power supply is a minimum of 18 volts.

Regards, Greg
Good Morning All,
Really there is no reasonable reason what so ever to use 12 volts
over 18 volts, other then the fact of Habit, I`ve always done
so as well as I`ve run all my Battery Powered R/C Locomotives
on 12 volts too, so I guess I`ve just never stepped out of my
comfort zone before.
I really don`t wish to build a Diesel Engine that runs like a
"Racing Tadpole" all over the place, I`m getting toooooo old
to catch the bloody thing ;-}}, I much prefer a sedate and
more Prototype speed in my Models.
It would seem all I really need is to leave the Original Motors
fitted and run them on the 12 volt system for a sedate speed.

Thank you all for your collective input, That is what makes
these Forums a Bottomless Well of Information to all.

Best Regards,
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