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OK, I looked at it online and downloaded the PDF. If I had not seen the web site, I would probably conclude that the PDF was limited to only one good picture of each loco to keep the size down. It's 33 megabytes, and many people in this hobby do not have the world's fastest computers.

But the web site is basically just the PDF file. So for every "page" wiith a loco on it, you only get a good resolution picture of the featured road name, and not a good look at "your" road name. USAT has hi res pictures of most road names as does Bachmann, and of course the higher end manufacturers. (Aristo people, see, I'm not picking on your, your competitors do it better)

I do not like the "booklet" thing on the web site. It is too small, you have to click to see the page really, and then noise is annoying.

My biggest gripe is when you get to the locos, and only the "featured" road name really shows the loco. Now I model Santa Fe, so it's so easy hardly anyone goofs it up, but looking at the picture of the FA-1 CP or B&O... If I was buying from the catalog, I don't think I'd be happy because I cannot have a nice big clear picture of what I want to buy.

For some reason all the little thumbnail pictures are in poor focus, the dash 9 is another example, page 49 shows the compression is too high on the picture of the Santa Fe passenger car. The fluting looks almost like a checkerboard.

There are also some mistakes like many of the train engineer items are not available or obsolete.

The steam page shows a goodall valve on the LS mikado, which was obsoleted in the second production run.

I will say I appreciate having a PDF, and it appears that everything in the catalog is also in the pdf. I also appreciate the complete parts listing.

Keep sending the pdf, but improve the online catalog to match the beautiful decoration/paint you worked so hard on!

Regards, Greg
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