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I had a dead spot behind the house in signal from my A-C walkaround throttle in the back yard. I have solved the problem by hooking up the antenna wire from the Aristo Craft receiver to one of the unused power wires running underground from my sunroom to the backyard. I have several pairs of bell wire running through a half inch plastic pipe. These wires run from my inside my sunroom to the garden railroad area of the backyard. I have run this plastic pipe along side most of the track with a power feed coming out of the pipe about every 25 feet. This helps to ensure a good power feed to the layout. I have had this system in place for several years but just got around to connecting the power lines to the track. Before this I just used a pair on clip-ons at one location. I would recomend anyone using this method of power supply to use a 3/4" pipe rather than 1/2" as it would make it a little easier to add wires through the pipe if needed.
Mike McILwaine
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