I'm in the process of selling my 1/29 models and track. First up here is a really nice Aristo-craft dash 9. Very little run time, maybe five hours. I will describe it and post photos. It is equipped for battery operation with 14.8volt plug in battery, Airwiie G2 decoder, and Phoenix sound. One battery included. Kadee #1 couplers. I will include a pair of Kadee G scale1850 knuckles if desired. They are a direct swap out. Price is $975.00 plus shipping. UPS ground. Local buyer can pick up and maybe do some more shopping for other items that I have left. I have 23 Aristo Evans boxcars. Some hard to find ones like Railbox and Montana Rail Link. If this goes well I will list some other locos.
These are the current Airwire and Phoenix settings. They of course can be changed by the buyer.
Address 8173
Frequency 7
All lights can be turned on or off at full brightness even when stopped.
Function key assignment
0 headlights
1 manual bell
2 manual horn
3 grade crossing horn
4 dynamic brakes
5 ditch lights. Ditch light will flash for 10 seconds with manual horn and then go back solid.
6 diesel working sound and cruise control
7 hot box detector recordings
8 cab chatter recordings
9 diesel prime mover run up. 1-8
10 diesel prime mover run down
11 porch lights
12 wheel squeal

This unit has light weathering.