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Apple browsers

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this is the third time I have tried this and if this doesn't work.....

This is what chat looks like in safari and firefox

screen shot

This is what chat looks like in netscape and opera

screen shot



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I am having difficulty posting replies and starting new threads with my mac. I am using Safari 3.0.4. Not sure if that means anything. I had to reply to your message to get the word out. 
edit - I took out the stuff about the videos and posted that where I wanted, on the public forum.  


Thanks! I was unable to preview and see that those didn't work.

Any ideas as to why I am having problems with starting a new thread?

I can do the quick reply, but that's not too good for the long haul.
Ralph and Shad,

I think the latest version of Safari is 3.0.4, which is what I am using at home.  At work (this post) I have a PC. 

Shad, I'll echo Ralph's experience.  I was able to quick reply, but was unable to use the Submit button when either doing a long reply or starting a new thread.  

I was able to start a thread and do long replies on the aisto BBB forum. I know that's a different forum and different software, so I don't know it that helps.  I did not have any problems with the old mylargescale.com site.  

Ralph - what browser has worked the best for you?  I think we are using very similar versions of the Mac operating system. I'm not looking at it right now, but I do recall it is one of the later versions.  


PS - I have to say that owning a Mac is like owning a Volkswagen : you find out way more about how they work than you ever really wanted...
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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