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Anyone thought about teaching a Garden Model Railroad Class?

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I had an idea to teach a Garden Model Railroad class at either the local Community College or local Rec Center. I'm not sure how much interest there would be, but I thought I should have a syllabus ready before pitching the idea to them. If you were to teach such a class what do you think should be the main topics for a beginner class? Would you offer some hands-on stuff?
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As an introduction I would try and show what other peope have done outdoors. Rather than try and instruct them in so many how-to's I would attempt to pique their interest by showing what can be done. Then let them ask "how did they do that?".

I think a very generalized overview gradually moving into more detailed presentations of how things were done. Nothing too intensive. A field trip or two would be most useful too in addition to photo and video presentations as well as display of some actual models in class. An introduction to the idea of "scale" would be handy. Not to nail down actual figures but to show that a full size oak leaf doesn't do much to enhance the realism of a scale scene. The fact that there are small miniature plants that can look very good with the RR might be a revelation to someone unfamiliar with the concept.

Perhaps for the last half of the semester provide a choice of several projects where the students could get some hands on training. Simple things such as hooking up an oval of track and inserting a siding, building a simple kit or improvization such as used by the fantasy crowd. Then the last class session could be a demonstration/showing of the various projects.

It is too easy when you've been in a hobby for some time to talk over the heads of newcomers. They often have very basic questions, the answers to which the experienced hobbyist thinks are obvious. Keep it simple to avoid boring or scaring off the people before they can cultivate a real interest.

A follow up class with more how-to's would then have meaning and value for those introduced new to the hobby in the first class.
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