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Anyone Know?

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Anyone know what size traction tires fits LGB's Sumpter Valley and Uintah 2-6-6-2's?

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I will measure the wheel diameter on my Sumpter valley tomorrow.
Jim C.

I flipped my SV over today. The drivers are 1.475in. or 37.5mm. The traction tires are on both sides of the front pair of the rear motor block. Incidentally, the front pair of drivers on the front motor block show lots more wear than all other drivers and don't use traction tires.

BTW...... If anyone has a spare set of the 37.5mm tires, the ones on my SV are starting to look weather checked and probably won't last too long. I sure would like to get my hands on a spare pair.

My Mikado uses 55.78(?)mm tires. If anyone finds or has extras of these, I would like to get them also.

If you have these tires available or know an easy source, please email me at [email protected] , or go to my profile and send an email from there.

Jim Carter
I got your email and have replied.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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